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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Windiest day of the year (so far)

After a night out at the Veranda in Wickham with Marie & Phil (curry ok, service average-to-poor, surroundings a little dull), on their recommendation we took the kids to the dunes near Ferry Steps on Hayling Island.

Little did we know how windy it would get. To start off with we kept on having to hold Alice's hand to keep her up, but obviously the real entertainment started once the 3 of us were encouraging her to go ahead on her own - a few challenging steps at a time.

In the dunes themselves the kids had a great time hiding from each other & rolling from top-to-bottom.

The kids played at climbing a stunted old tree on the sea-front, poking their heads out of holes in the canopy. Whilst most of the packed lunch had been eaten in the car, there was still some of Bid's Chocolate Concrete cake left - enough to fill a few minutes on an old bench:


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