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Saturday, April 26, 2008

High sea adventures

We've been considering buying a Kayak for a year or so now, but after a visit to a local Kayak Shop last weekend Bridget surprised me on Wednesday with a lovely new two person sit-on kayak.

We had a "trial" expedition on Wednesday evening, but the combination of
  • very low tide
  • cold wind
  • getting in the water 1/2 hour before the kid's bed time
meant that we were only in the water for about 10 mins. Still, the adults enjoyed it, and there weren't any major problems.

Today we went on a longer expedition - the first full trial. The plan was, set off 90 mins before high tide, travel up an estuary for 90 mins with the tide, then turn around and travel back down again.

Hmm, it went just great. It was warm with no wind. We had a couple of minor frights in the wash of motor cruisers but no great troubles. Here's the route.

Mind you, it was quite cosy with the four of us on board. Bid & Alice were keen to stop off & sit in the sun for a bit, so Charlie & I had the kayak to ourselves for a while.

Before we turned back we all stopped off for a play on a stretch of beach. The beach is alongside Manor Farm Country Park where we've spent lots of time, but on a stretch that's doesn't connect with the path network. We also played Tarzan on a tree overhanging the Hamble.

Overall reflections?
  • should have taken more food/nibbles
  • should have researched further up the river, we travelled several times further than I expected
  • we still haven't capsized. The kids are quite comfortable jumping into the water in their wetsuits/buoyancy aids, capsizing will still be a shock. Plus, we haven't had a go at getting back onto the kayak. Maybe when it's a little warmer..


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