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Friday, August 05, 2005

Four go mad in France

For our summer 05 hols we stayed at Brian & Jane's new house near Redon, France.

The local village hosts a series of "Megaliths"; Stone Henge-like collections of standing stones spread across moorland.

Market-day at Redon was nice, especially with the kids loving the monster-style pastries (better than daddies packed lunch sandwiches).

The kids also enjoyed the strolling pan-pipers (French culture at its best...). Whilst Charlie's preference was to sit & listen Alice joined with a froggy girl in a mad dance-battle, Waterloo style.

Later in the holiday we found donkey-rides around the megaliths. There were two local kids waiting for a ride, so off the four of them went. During the car-journeys we'd all been singing Frere Jacques. The words rubbed off on the kids as "how to communicate with Johhny Foreigner", so the seen was set for the 2005 donkey-powered chante-off.
Yes, the froggies were good at the pronunciation, but Charlie & Alice certainly came off on top in the dB challenge. Yes! The sister in the French team obviously took a shine to Charlie's vocal gift - and only had eyes for him for the rest of the trip. Oooh the young casanova.

We also went to the local zoo. Hmm, French zoos are a lot more relaxed than at home - with the kids free to wander up & abuse all sorts of animals. Whilst the wallabies seemed a bit too like vermin for us the kids enjoyed the 'dare' of stroking them.

Our other adventures included a 1/2 day canoeing on L'oust - all quite docile really: hardly any rapids, psychopathic swans, abused regattas or heavy drinking compared our traditional canoeing trips.

The kid's also went in for a spot of extreme saloon car racing, near Danac if I remember correctly.


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